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Outboard manual contains instructions for washing

!±8± Outboard manual contains instructions for washing

Wash the door is standard on most new outboard motors. But most of us do not really know the difference between the ports of various wire outboard motors. This article will provide you 3 samples of the engine.

The Honda outboard manual says: "Clean and rinse the outboard motor with fresh water after the operation in dirty water or salt water." Honda beats the color on the port side of engine removal andEmergency stop switch clip is released, there is no possibility of the engine, while in the vicinity of the propeller.

Honda washing instructions are simple. First, loosen the connection port, then insert the garden hose to flush the door, turn on the water and make it through the engine for 10 minutes at least. Disconnect the garden hose and attach the port connection when you washed the engine.

Owners of Suzuki outboard motor, there are two ways to irrigateThe engine. The first is to buy an earmuff style flusher and the second is to use wire into the connector on the back of the hood. Flusher style headphones Suzuki recommends the garden hose turned on in order to obtain enough water to flow, so that a lot of water around the rubber cups low tide. It 'best to remove the propeller before starting the engine idle for a few minutes and then turn the engine off and remove the tube and flusher.

With the plug-UPJust outside the adapter and connect the garden hose in the door and turn on the water. Have yet to start the engine, but simply let the water flow for at least five minutes. When finished, remove the tube and the plug. It 's easier and safer than the first method.

Yamaha outboard engine flushing his statement reads: "Perform this procedure after surgery to wash more thoroughly." and "after stopping the engine, unscrew the garden hose. Plug from the valve on the bottom "Bring the garden hose, turn on the water, and allowed to flow for 15 minutes The outboard Yamaha engine manual warns:". CAUTION: Perform this procedure when the engine is running. The water pump can be damaged and can cause severe damage due to overheating. "

In order to fully understand your outboard engine, including the washing instructions, please take the time to let you read the manual if you still have it. You can alwaysReplacement online or at your local dealer if you do not. They are many things that you may be surprised known about your favorite outboard motor.

Outboard manual contains instructions for washing

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